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August 26, 2011

Greetings Everyone!

Irene is on it’s way and the QBC team want everyone to be safe! Below are a few tips I prepare from various emails received in preparation of Hurricane Irene. Be sure to spread the word and add any additional tips you may feel will help with our safer. May our Higher Being watch over us all:

  • Make sure your cell phones are charged in case we lose electricity.
  • Stock up on items that don’t have to be heated or cooked so you can limit opening the refrigerator. This will maintain the cold air temperature within to preserve your refrigerated items.
  • COOK YOUR FOOD (tonight & tomorrow) for the weekend (defrosted foods always spoil first; however, foods that are cooked are ready to be eaten and you don’t have to cook by artificial light
  • Fill bottles with water for drinking and hand washing
  • Check on ELDERLY neighbors and be sure they are prepared with cooked foods to eat and that  walkways, stairs and hallways are clear in case of limited lighting.

TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS (This can also be applied to homeowner/everyone with important documents!)


  •     Plan what you will do if your building is not accessible. Define individual responsibilities in advance.
  •     Enroll in the City’s Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) to authorize essential employees access to restricted areas following an emergency. Learn more about CEAS by visiting·
  •     Do not flush the toilet or run water during heavy rain because a backwater valve will prevent this water from flowing out of your building.
  •     Report any downed power lines and avoid standing in flood water, as it can carry electrical current or calling 311.
  •     Identify which equipment, such as machinery, computers, or custom parts, is necessary to keep the business running. Elevate equipment off the floor.
  •     Keep important documents, including insurance information, vehicle titles, and receipts at a higher elevation or in a waterproof container.
  •     Turn off gas and electrical utilities at the main switches or valves, and disconnect electrical equipment.
  •     Prepare for 72 hours without power. If necessary, purchase a portable generator to power vital aspects of your business.
  •     Store extra supplies, materials, and equipment for use in an emergency.
  •     Remove debris from catch basins in your area to allow water to enter.
  •     Secure entrances and exits.


  •     Call 911 immediately if your life or health is in danger (you may see rapidly rising water that may reach the electrical system, you are stranded, etc.
  •     Call 311 if your property is threatened (your basement or street is flooded, the sewer is backing up into your business, etc.)
  •     Avoid walking or driving through flooded streets. As few as six inches of moving water can knock a person over. One to two feet of water can carry away a vehicle.
  •     Flood water can be contaminated. Avoid contact with sewer water, as it poses a health risk.

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