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Today’s the day! MISSISSIPPI DAMNED NEW YORK PREMIERE@Newfest 6/9 at 7:15 PM

June 9, 2009
Queer Black Cinema Newfest FilmPICK

Queer Black Cinema Newfest FilmPICK

directed by Tina Mabry | Produced by Morgan Stiff
Narrative Feature Co-presented by Queer Black Cinema


Tina Mabry (Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Brooklyn’s Bridge to Jordan) returns with an intensely personal story about redemption and family. Set in Mississippi between 1986 and 1998, Mississippi Damned chronicles the lives of three kids burdened by the family’s legacy. Kari and Sammy dream of using their talents, piano and basketball, to escape from their small town, while Leigh daydreams and running away to Memphis with her girlfriend. Standing in their way is a seemingly never-ending cycle of addictions, sexual abuse, and violence that has plagued their family for generations.


April 8, 2009
Tina Mabry (Writer/Director) Morgan Stiff (Producer/Editor)

Tina Mabry (Writer/Director) Morgan Stiff (Producer/Editor)

Congratulations goes out to power partners Tina Mabry and Morgan Stuff.  Mississippi Damned, Tina’s directorial debut narrative feature wins  jury award for Best American Independent Feature Film at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

In 2006, Queer Black Cinema had the opportunity to screen both Tina short film, Brooklyn Bridge to Jordan featuring Jossie Thacker and Morgan Stiff film, Walk in the Light that followed members of Unity Fellowship Church in Los Angeles at the premiere of QBC Film Series. You can see both films online at or purchase at Now we are please to support their first feature Narrative.

Mississippi Damned is set in 1986 and 1998, Mississippi Damned is based on the true story of three

Cast and crew of Mississippi Damned @ Slamdance

Cast and crew of Mississippi Damned @ Slamdance

impoverished kids from a run-down rural community who must navigate their family’s cycle of abuse, addiction and violence. Kari (played by Kylee Russell/Tessa Thompson) is a talented pianist, but she is hiding a dark secret from her family. Kari’s aunt acts as her surrogate mother but she has her own troubles with her husband. Independently struggling to escape their circumstances, each character must decide whether to confront and conquer what has plagued their family for generations or to succumb to that same crippling fate and be forever damned in Mississippi. In Mabry’s carefully observed drama, they are torn between chasing dreams and caring for family members, and sometimes just having a good time gambling away the electric bill money or numbing the pain with alcohol. Resonating with raw emotion, this is a must-see story that has the courage to stand up and champion those who have the courage to be different or free. — Eugene Haynes/Nicole Ross

Congratulations goes out to the talented cast and crew as well including, one of QBC biggest supporters,  Debra Wilson. She is one of the co-producers of the award winning film, Mississippi Damned.  Debra is currently in production with another great project. You can purchase her latest completed work Jumping the Broom: A New Convenant at

Mississippi Damned is currently making it’s festival rounds. Be sure to visit for screening dates.  With Tina writing skills and Morgan’s editing skills, I’m sure the duo will get picked up if they haven’t already. I look forward to hopefully screening it at Queer Black Cinema International Film and Music Festival 2009. Stand by for updates and continue to support QBC so we can bring you thought provoking work such as Tina and Morgans work. Support the I WANT MY QBC campaign by clicking here!