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QBC Film Fest. pays tribute to LGBT youth of color hate crimes victims w/ performances by the Lavender Light Gospel Choir 10/17/09

October 11, 2009

As a space that is intended to give voice to the queer black community, this year the Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival will also being shedding light on issues directly effecting the Queer communities of color. On Saturday, October 17th 3:005:00pm film festival will be having a tribute rally to remember queer youth of color who have been killed as a result of hate crimes throughout the country, as well as to shed light on the impact of hate-based violence in our community. The rally will take place in the center of Harlem at Maysles Cinema (Malcolm X Blvd/ Lenox Ave. between 127th & 128th Street – Harlem, NY) and will include queer youth of color organizations in the New York area, tribute performances, speakers, multimedia presentation and a march around the Block in remembrance of the Fallen Angels. Following the Tribute is a Queer Youth of Color Screening of Christopher Street by Dwight O’Neal & Steven Emmanuel.

Directions: Take the 2 or 3 to 125th street. Walk two short blocks on Malcolm X to 127th street (across from Syliva’s Restaurant)

CALL FOR BLACK LGBTQ FILMS Deadline: August 15th

July 15, 2009

Call for films and multi-media submissions are now open until August 15th. Artist of African descent from around the world are asked to submit their best work.  Submission forms are available for download at Films without submission forms will not considered.

Music artist must have a single or complete CD available to the public with a link to a video performance online in order to qualify for the festival. For complete rules and qualifications, download submission form at

SAVE THE DATE: October 15 – 18, 2009
Queer Black Cinema International Film & Music Festival

Maysles Cinema House (Harlem, NY)






July 15, 2009



New York, NY (July 5, 2009) – Queer Black Cinema, New York’s first and only Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) monthly films series & annual film festival in partnership with Maysles Cinema house is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Queer Black Cinema International Film & Music Festival. The four-day multi-media event will celebrate and award the best independent music and films by and about the LGBTQ/straight people of African descent experience. The festival is set to take place October 15 –18th 2009 at the newly opened Maysles Cinema House in Harlem, New York and at the Brecht Forum in Chelsea, New York.

Queer Black Cinema first launched in 2006 as New York’s first and only Black LGBTQ monthly micro-cinema, an ongoing platform dedicated to showcasing independent narrative and documentary works by and about the Black LGBTQ experience in a non- stereotypical way. Two years later in 2008, founder Angel L. Brown expanded the brand by launching QBC Int’l Film & Music Festival. The mission is to screen the best films from around the world that creates dialogue-addressing homophobia, alarming health issues, family and overall in-depth storytelling about the Black LGBTQ experience. The Festival also includes workshops and various musical performances.


Just three years ago in 2006, Angel L. Brown was asked to curate a small section of Black LGBTQ theme films at Imagenation Film Festival in Harlem, New York.  The start of 2009, Queer Black Cinema returned to Harlem with an eight week series, “THE BLACK SEASON: Shifting focus to women of color on the L Word” at the popular intimate restaurant, Billie’s Black.  Most recently, Queer Black Cinema Co-sponsored Homo Harlem: A Film Retrospective at Maysles Cinema House.  Angel L. Brown was then invited to bring the 2nd Annual Queer Black Cinema International Film & Music Festival 2009 to Harlem at Maysles Cinema House.

“It has always been my dream to produce a film festival highlighting the Black LGBTQ experience in the heart of Harlem. You have some of the most famous Black gay artist that came out of the Harlem Renaissance period and beyond. I aim to continue their legacy by breaking down barriers and creating a safe space for constrictive progressive dialogue through films, music and history”, states Angel L. Brown, QBC Int’l Film & Music Festival founder.

The festival is expected to draw double the numbers from last year over all festival attendance within and beyond the LGBT community.  New to the festival are in/outdoor Film & Book Market, special tribute benefit celebration and workshops.  The festival will return with films from around the world, talk backs, QBC Acoustic Soul Music Media Mixer with live performances, a multi-media out door performance tribute to LGBT youth of color, music concert with some of the most emerging and establish international artist of color ending with an award ceremony on the last day.

Call for films and multi-media submissions are now open until August 15th. Artist of African descent from around the world are asked to submit their best work.  Submission forms are available for download at Films without submission forms will not considered.

Music artist must have a single or complete CD available to the public with a link to a video performance online in order to qualify for the festival. For complete rules and qualifications, download submission form at

The showcase will take place October 15 – 18 at Maysles Cinema 343 Malcolm X Boulevard / Lenox Avenue (between 127th and 128th Streets). All inquires including sponsorship opportunities, e-mail or via phone 646.209.6497.  For international inquires via skype at QueerBlackCinema.

About Maysles Cinema

The Maysles Cinema, a new non-profit theater in Harlem, is dedicated to the exhibition of documentary film and video. The cinema extends the Maysles Brothers’ principle that the lives of ordinary people not only deserve, but demand, our attention. We aim to foster a democratic viewing experience by selecting and presenting movies in collaboration with independent filmmakers, programmers, critics, local film clubs and organizations.

We work hard to solicit material and programs from amateur video-graphers, “hood” documentarians, street vendors, video store-owners, neighbors and citizen-activists. In addition to presenting the masterworks of the documentary tradition, overlooked or under-distributed gems and new releases, we build a space for meaningful social exchange. We offer a forum for the discussion of questions of social, racial, and economic justice and explore liminal areas of knowledge.

About Queer Black Cinema®

Queer Black Cinema® (QBC) is New York’s first and Only Black LGBTQ monthly micro-cinema series and annual international music and film festival mission is dedicated to showcasing independent narrative and documentary works by and about U.S. and international progressive Black LGBTQ filmmakers. We are a socially conscious organization that uses films to create dialogue to address homophobia, alarming health issues and many others “taboo” issues relating to the Black LGBTQ experiences. We provide an online resource to Black LGBTQ theme films and their makers as well as support LGBTQ youth of color emerging producers. In-addition, we screen and promote all people of color artist trailers and original music.  QBC film series takes place once a month at the LGBT Community Center and other locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area. All are welcome to attend regardless of their sexual orientation, race or gender. We aim to entertain, enlighten and educate through our niche programming.  Queer Black Cinema uses MIX NYC Experimental Queer Film Festival, a 501 C3 Not-For-Profit Organization as their fiscal sponsor.



July 7, 2009


On behalf of Queer Black Cinema, INSIDE THE Q and Our Stories Productions we send final wishes and condolences to the family, friends and fans of MICHAEL JACKSON.  Your music will live on and your work of healing the world as well as giving to countless charities will be continued through all of us here on this earth. We Love You Michael and thank God for allowing us to have such a phenomenal person in our lives. Now it’s time to not only remember your legacy but continue your legacy of bringing people together through song but also giving to charities.  You are truely an icon and the best entertainer of all times and generation. You are now among two people that were able to bring people together like this and that is, Bob Marley and Princess Diana.  Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. WE LOVE YOU!


Angel L. Brown

Executive Producer

Queer Black Cinema

We live you with this live from Harlem, NY….

RIP Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Queer Black Cinema remembers Michael Jackson…

June 26, 2009
Celebrating at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY the life of a World-Wide Music Icon, Pop Star- Michael Jackson

Celebrating at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY the life of a World-Wide Music Icon, Pop Star- Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, an American icon, a World Wide legend has passed away, Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009.  I knew this day would come but not for years to come. For some reason I always thought MJ would out live me even though I am much younger then him.  I am still in disbelief. I can only image what his family is going through. On behave of Queer Black Cinema and Our Stories Productions, our hearts are very heavy; we send condolence to Michael Jackson children, family and close friends.Your legacy will continue to live on forever, you were a genius of music. Rest in peace and sleep well.


I remember when he reunited with his brothers on an award show. I was on punishment and was band from watching television. However, I still turned the TV on low and was silently enjoying the performance of MJ and the Jackson Five.  I guess I got over excited because my mom heard the me and screamed,'” Turn that TV off.”  Of course I just turned the sound off. the images was enough for me to see and enjoy.  Share your memories…

Below is an article, I wish to share from Pride TV. It explains how I felt growing up to the music of Michael Jackson.

In Peace,

Angel L. Brown

Queer Black Cinema founder/Producer

Michael Jackson:
An American Treasure

By Anare V. Holmes
(June 26, 2009) Critically acclaimed author Alice Walker once wrote, “models in art, in behavior, in growth of spirit and intellect–even if rejected–enrich and enlarge one’s view of existence.”
Michael Jackson was such a model for me.
His music gave me permission to escape my immediate cirmcustances of dealing with the loneliness and isolation I felt as a young child adjusting to new family digs in the summer and fall of 1983.
At the time, Jackson’s album Thriller southed my soul with its classic hits “Billy Jean,” “Beat It,” and, of course, the title cut.
Whenever I was feeling low, I’d go up to my room, turn on my boombox, close my eyes and enter into an imaginary world where I was stage performer.
I carefully watched the choreography of Michael Peters, who orchestrated the fancy footwork captured in Jackson’s video Beat It. I had all the steps down as I sang along with Jackson.

Everything had to be perfect because I was performing right in front of Jackson. For it was this poster of him in the brown leather jacket that hung above my bed.
With Jackson watching, I had to be on point.
After the performance I felt better.
I imagined that I, too, would one day have my time to shine in the warm spotlight. The stage Michael Jackson performed on always appeared to be the place where people focused their attention solely on him.
It was the place where people screamed, cheered and shouted his praises.
I wanted that because it seemed like love.
I knew it was possible for a little Black boy to command that level of attention and respect because of Jackson.
And so, I dared to dream.
I began to visualize what was possible for my life.
Jackson may have made his physical transition from Earth yesterday, but the treasure he leaves behind is eternal.
His talent, artistry and the barriers he overcame are a testament to what we all can do when we choose to follow the passion and purpose that live within us.
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Post Valentine’s Day Pre-show including the Dating Game @ The Black Season(QBC’s Weekly L word Series) 2/15

February 15, 2009
Desperate For Love short lesbian witty film by Angel L. Brown

Desperate For Love short lesbian witty film by Angel L. Brown

Greetings , Happy Post Valentines Day!!

If you are in the NY area, join Queer Black Cinema at the Black Season: Shifting focus to women of color on the L word, QBC new weekly series. Today (Sunday 2/15) we have a a special treat for all you single lesbians and couples out there!.

theblackseasonv-day2_152 Sign up to the “Lesbian Need Love Too Dating Game” OR if you are a couple, sign up to the “How Well Do You Know Your Lesbian Lover Game.” The games is happening during the Pre-Show at the Black Season TODAY! GREAT PRIZES!

Sign up at The event takes place 7PM – 9 PM followed by the L word at 9 PM. The event is FREE!
The event is located at 271 West 119 Street at Billie’s Black Restaurant! Hot & Classy. For more information go to : See ya later today!

SAVE THE DATE: March 26, 2009 Fades of Black Womyn Film Showcase honoring Campbell X Carnival Style! Bring your flags, it’s gonna be Faya!!!

** The Black Season is a fundraiser for the 4th Annual Fades of Black Womyn Film Show 2009 any donations are greatly appreciated at Check out last year honoree, Cheryl Dunye

Become a Sponsor:

Nedra Johnson performs at the BLACK season, QBC L word event 1/25/09

January 25, 2009
Nedra Johnson

Nedra Johnson

Check out Nedra Johnson today as she perform her hit song that aired on the L word season three. The BLACK season: shifting focus to women on the L word pre-show starts at 7 PM, the L word screening at 9 PM with lots of fun and drink specials. The event is free ! see you tonight!

the BLACK season: shifting the focus to women of color on the L word
Weekly seriespresented by Queer Black Cinema

Time: 7 PM – 10 PM
7 PM – 7 : 30 PM Mix & Mingle | 7:30 PM tBs trivia | 8 PM performance | 9 PM the L word
Location: 271 West 119 street between St Nicholas & Frederick Douglass
Fee: FREE (two drink OR dinner Minimin)
Contact: RSVP Guest List required


January 24, 2009

PO BOX 975
NEW YORK, NY 10113

JANUARY 20, 2008                                                                                   IMMEDIATE RELEASE

the BLACK season premiere

the BLACK season premiere


New York, New York ( – The premiere of Queer Black Cinema’s “the BLACK season: Shifting focus to women of color on the L word” on Sunday, January 18th was, a great success despite the snow.  Audience members packed Billie’s Black Restaurant to enjoy the BLACK season pre-show filled with trivia games based on the L word women of  as they enjoyed drink specials and delicious gourmet soul food. The pre-show was followed by the premiere of the L word final season 6. The festivities of the event took place at newest Harlem hot spot, Billie’s Black Restaurant – 271 West 119 Street.

Angel(Curator) and Adriene (Billie's Black owner)

Angel(Curator) and Adriene (Billie's Black owner)

Angel L. Brown, director and curator of Queer Black Cinema, which was responsible for creating and organizing this weekly series, says “I was excited to walk into a full house before 7:30 PM, just under two hours before the premiere of the L word. Nowhere in NYC, did you find an event that specifically catered to and honor women of color around the L word. It was a beautiful yet surprising sight to see. I had no idea there were so many women of color diehard fans out there. Although, I wasn’t sure how many women of color would be interested in the BLACK season series, I knew I wanted do something special with this being the final season of the L word. Highlighting the cast and crew women of color on the L word has been a long time coming and something I wanted to do for quite some time.  People should know some of the best episodes in the past seasons were written and directed by Angela Robinson and Rose Troche both women of color including being co-executive producers. Then you have Pam Grier (Kit Porter) and Jennifer Beals (Bette Porter) classic actors whom been in the entertainment business for over twenty years.  Rose Rollins (Tasha) newcomer to the L word is defiantly refreshing to see a beautiful chocolate sister on the show. It was wonderful to see women of color fans including a few white women come together in a upscale safe space to enjoy an evening of fun, games and food. Although the L word does not clearly represent all likeness and lifestyles of lesbians, it is clear a diverse group of people are still fans and are tuning in.”

If you weren’t able to attend the premiere of the BLACK season: Shifting focus to women of color on the

the Black season audience

the Black season audience

L word”, try to make it to the next event Sunday, January 25th and every Sunday there after.  “The BLACK season series will only get better” states Angel. Performances by lesbian artist and special guest will be in attendance each week to keep the weekly series fresh, new and entertaining. Special screenings of trailers and short films will also play during the pre-show.  The BLACK season take place at the Harlem’s upscale Restaurant, Billie’s Black – 271 West 119th Street between St Nicholas and Frederick Douglass Blvd.  The event is FREE to get in with a two-drink minimum or dinner. Be sure to RSVP at Getting there early is highly suggested due to limited seating.

This event is a fundraiser for the 4th Annual Fades of Black Womyn Film Showcase honoring Black Lesbians filmmakers from around the world who made an impact in the entertainment industry during March Women Month. This year Queer Black Cinema will be honoring Black Hall of Fame Trinidadian British Lesbian Filmmaker, Campbell Ex. The theme is carnival! SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, March 26, 2009 at the Brecht Forum in NYC. For more information on how you can donate or become sponsor e-mail


QUEER BLACK CINEMA® (QBC) is New York’s first and only monthly micro- cinema and international film & music festival volunteer-ran organization dedicated to showcasing independent narrative and documentary works by U.S. and international Black LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) filmmakers. QBC encourages filmmakers to create films knowing there is a venue specifically developed to display their works.   QBC aims to be to filmmakers what Apollo is to some of the greatest musicians in the world- a home to preserve our history and expose all to our stories.


Queer Black Cinema is bringin’ it in the ’09!

January 3, 2009

SAVE THE DATE: January 18th 7 PM

This just in- Angel L. Brown, Executive Producer & Curator of Queer Black Cinema just told me so awesome news! Unfortunately, I wish I could tell you the 411 but  she wants me to wait until Monday.  Why Monday, because I guess that’s when all of the promotional materials will be done.  Anyway, who cares, we fam right? Can you keep a secret? OK, you really suppose to join QBC Film Series yahoogroup for top secret info but…..Anyway, just join as soon as possible so you will know a head of time what I’m taking about.  Also, don’t forget to confirm your subscription. Be sure to add to your mailing list so it will not go to your junk mail.  I know, I know- I gave Angel my word that I would wait until Monday. The only thing I can say is SAVE THE DATE: January 18th  7 PM QBC will be in Harlem.   If you want more exclusives, you have to join the group!

QBC Film Series yahoogroup

Peace all,

The QBC Team

PS: Don’t forget to submit your film to the YES WE DID! or did we?? CALL FOR FILMS/ART/PHOTO Exhibition