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One of our goals for Inside the Q is to keep you posted on what’s happenng with filmmakers, artist who came through Queer Black Cinema.   This is the first of many posting to come.  If you are a writer  and have some news or updates on QBC artist, please reach out to us via e-mail at info[AT]queerblackcinema.org

I believe in 2007, Queer Black Cinema screened The DL Chronicles, created by Deondray Gosset and Quincy Lenear.   When they got picked up we encourage QBC audience to go out and support the series by signing up to Here tv.  When their DVD got release, we actually created QBC DVD Series where we would screen a new Black gay theme films out on DVD.  Audience members had an opportunity to win a free copy of the  DVD.  It saddens me to hear HERE TV is going back on their word to support this series.  A few weeks ago, I was in LA at Out Fusion. I reached out to Deondray and Quincy but did not want to ask what happen with the series.  They seem to have this look on their face as if they were too through with HERE TV so decline to ask for an update.  Last night, I came across a post on Ray Cunningham (From BET College Hill) Bleu Juice blog. Below is his take on the situation and how you may want to proceed in getting your voice out there.

Re posted from Ray’s Bleu Juice Blog


Put On Blast: HERE TV!

Don’t act like you haven’t heard of HERE TV! They’re another LOGO but it was home to DL Chronicles, created by Deondray Gosset and Quincy Lenear.

I have my dvd of the first season and for the longest time, been waiting for season 2. Well here it is two years later, I’m still waiting on season 2. The only response I could get is that the show producers are still under contract the show has been postponed! In Hollywood terms, that means CANCELED!
What I find funny is that the DL Chronicles is HERE!’s first and only award-winning series and was promoted last year as returning in the fall of 2008 (which means the episodes were all ready written out). There other ‘non black’ shows like Donte’s Cove is currently in its third season.
My thought is, HERE! would rather continue to support their white shows with no respect for the audience of color that came to the channel in support of the DL Chronicles, no shade – I only ordered that channel because of that show. So the creative minds they are, they figure let’s thrown Jensen Atwood on a show for a consolation prize – sorry that doesn’t make it better!
Sounds like a old text book case of use the black folks for ratings then disregard them! Case in point, I knew it was some shade when Deondray and Quincy were nominated for a GLAAD Award, then won but guess who HERE! bought a full page ad for in the Advocate the following month, Dante’s Cove!
Here’s a GREAT quote …

“We are not only honored to have received recognition for this groundbreaking series from GLAAD, but also proud to have this exquisite show on our network. Our renewal of this series for a second season shows just how committed we are to providing the highest quality gay and lesbian television to our viewers,” said Paul Colichman, CEO and Co-Founder of here! Networks.

I say folks, CANCEL your subscriptions to the network, boycot and then let Josh Rosenzweig who is the VP of Corporate Communications/Marketing at HERE! know exactly how disgusted you are at the handling of the DL Chronicles show! His email is Joshr@heretv.com or call him at (212) 920-2857.

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