Queer Black Cinema is bringin’ it in the ’09!

SAVE THE DATE: January 18th 7 PM

This just in- Angel L. Brown, Executive Producer & Curator of Queer Black Cinema just told me so awesome news! Unfortunately, I wish I could tell you the 411 but  she wants me to wait until Monday.  Why Monday, because I guess that’s when all of the promotional materials will be done.  Anyway, who cares, we fam right? Can you keep a secret? OK, you really suppose to join QBC Film Series yahoogroup for top secret info but…..Anyway, just join as soon as possible so you will know a head of time what I’m taking about.  Also, don’t forget to confirm your subscription. Be sure to add qcfilmseries@yahoogroups.com to your mailing list so it will not go to your junk mail.  I know, I know- I gave Angel my word that I would wait until Monday. The only thing I can say is SAVE THE DATE: January 18th  7 PM QBC will be in Harlem.   If you want more exclusives, you have to join the group!

QBC Film Series yahoogroup

Peace all,

The QBC Team

PS: Don’t forget to submit your film to the YES WE DID! or did we?? CALL FOR FILMS/ART/PHOTO Exhibition


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