It’s a wrap! – Queer Black Cinema Last Screening of the Year Follow-up

Angel L.Brown, DJ Baker(Da Doo Dirty Radio Show), Alston(

LtoR: Angel L.Brown, DJ Baker(Da Doo Dirty Radio Show), Alston(

OK, So I didn’t finish the QBC December Newsletter. It’s coming! Please be patient. I promise you, it will be worth the wait. Why? Cause I said so…lol. Just kidding (inside joke) Anyways, I’m working hard to make this final newsletter of the year hot! OK, so you ask why hot, it’s just a newsletter. You are right, however, I have a secret. I can’t tell you right now. Be easy, in time you will know why it took so long to put out the final issue.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures from the last screening of the year. Enjoy reading the blog and be merry by making a donation to the

Donate To QBC Now!

Donate To QBC Now!

I WANT MY QBC! Campaign. You can also write a check for $100 or more  to our fiscal sponsor, MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival memo: Queer Black Cinema donation.  Be sure to mail the donation to :

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We also take matching funds. So if you work for a company that wishes to support Queer Black Cinema, reach out to us. The way matching funds works is you make a donation and your job will match it was the same number.  Special shout out to Raphael, QBC newest member. Raphael actually gave a donation and his job matched it.  Because of Raphael’s generous donation, we were able to pay for administrative expensive (ie.   the center’s room rental, phone and Internet bill for one more month). Thanks Raphael! We look forward to working with you in the new year!


Volunteer w/ the Q!

If you are in college and want to become an intern, please reach out to us.  Learn the behinds operations of a not- for-profit film festival organization.  In the meantime, check out the volunteer/intern and QBC TV page.

On Thursday, October 18th Queer Black Cinema had their last screening of the month.  The film was Jumpin’ The Broom: A New Covenant directed by award winning filmmaker, Debra Wilson.  The screening was followed by QBC Reel TALK Q&A discussion with special invited guest, Kenyon Farrow and DJ Baker .Although QBC did not take place at their regular time or room at the LGBT Center, the outcome was  pleasing and well attended.  Organizations who were in attendance were Donna Redd, founder of Sistahs in Search of Truth, Alliance &

QBC Last Screening of the Year!

QBC Last Screening of the Year!

Harmony (SiSTAH); Naomi Brussel from the Out FM Collective (WBAI-NY 99.5 FM); Jim Hubbard, founder of Mix Queer Experimental Film Festival and ACT UP Oral History Project; Antwan from Gay Black Men News, Alston Ho from and many QBC new and returning audience members.

Congratulations to Debra Storm for winning the signed DVD raffle of Jumpin’ The Broom: A New Covenant. Click here to purchase your copy of the film! QBC aim to support  filmmaker by purchasing and raffling off a DVD of their film or CD  at every screening. We will implement this new goal in the new year. We can’t however bring great opportunities like this to our events without your continued support so again, support the I WANT MY QBC! Campaign. Donate so we can continue QBC programming.

Happy Holidays!

From the QBC Team!


Check out Inside the Q on facebook for more photos

and hear Out FM Radio Interview with director Debra Wilson and Kenyon Farrow.

Stand by for QBC ReelTALK online video discussion

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